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The Last Voice

May 21, 2024

CW: Mentions of Colinization.


Lancelot is new to this whole "Critical Thinking" thing and it's hard to be introspective and not have someone to listen to you struggle with the words. 
Will you listen to him? Make sure he doesn't go off the rails?


Featuring Pallus Manul


Written and Directed by...

May 14, 2024

CW: Talks of murder, Death, PTSD Violence


Gabe starts out his usual self... Then Lancelot gets involved and then Geharis... then RQ..

Clearly the calm time Gabe was hoping for


Written and Directed by David Jeffress


RQ - Jaguar Quinn

Danielle "Geharis" Welwynn - Candace The Magnificent


May 7, 2024

Gabe has a moment to talk to Lancelot about whatever he wants. Will Gabe know what questions to ask to learn the most about his new friend and the situation they are all under. 

But why would RQ push on this so hard if it wasn't that big of a deal?



Written and...

Apr 30, 2024

Gabe is still wracked with feelings about Lancelot and RQ has only the best advice in the most loving mocking tone. 

But can Gabe get a word in edge wise or will their camp counselor Geharis bring down the fun

Written and Directed by David...

Apr 23, 2024

CW: Talk of Death/Murder


Gabe has a chance to finally decompress. A slight recap of the events in his life and the direction he wants to go... But what will change tomorrow to throw that into chaos



Written and Directed by...